What do you see??

Why do people make babies?

Just a question asked by a guy who is skeptical about life. Think about it…., take a few moments off your screen, let that digital zombie of yours go to sleep for a few minutes and think about the reasons that why a person might want to bring another human being on this horrible land which already is densely populated.

Those first steps, little cute steps. Their first word. Their first birthday, the pics you take on every vacation and look at on occasional Sunday afternoons. Their first day at school, when they leave crying…

Insecurities drive people. It's sort of bad, cruel but still true. It’s the insecurity of being left out that we try hard to be included. The insecurity of winter that we prepare with warm clothes, insecurity of dying of hunger that men fight every day to win bread, and the insecurity of not being loved that we seek likability from others.

Won’t you agree with it?

The world’s a weird place, that’s true. People spend their lives coming over their insecurities by getting more entangled in them. …

It was the most brutal of times, it was the most difficult of times. The days when the undertakers of the world were busier than the bread makers.

“I am really afraid that I may never see those two little gals ever again.”, wrote a german soldier to his wife during world war 1, who died two days later during artillery fire.

Do you know how world war 1 started, why was it fought, who died in it? Does it matter? People who had to die are already dead.

What started off with a mentality of cleaning out the neighborhood…

There are a lot of accidents when you fall in love, aren’t there? But have you ever fell in love by accident? In the most uncertain, most surprising, and most unexpected situations?

Falling in love out of the accident is the most beautiful thing if you ask me. Here’s our story❤.

So, I have always been a part of the Rotaract club, an NGO club that engages in different activities to help the underprivileged of society. During the covid’s second wave, we had decided to go through a small drive for helping the people who have suffered the most. …

Some things are so good that they can’t be defined, because defining them would just be an insult as the word that defines them limits them to itself, and negates it from being anything else.

“If you name me, you negate me. By giving me a name, a label, you negate all the other things I could possibly be.” — Søren Kierkegaard

I just saw something that can’t be defined. Have you seen the movie Scent of a woman? Have you felt the movie or have you just seen it? Or you didn’t have the pleasure yet?

Al Pacino, in…

We all have anxieties, don’t we?

My friend Simran had a lot of anxiety some time ago. She used to snap at people for no reason, couldn’t enjoy the beautiful days, and even food didn’t taste that good when the mind was on a furious run towards no particular target. If steps are not taken to cure anxiety, it becomes a habit, and eventually ruins other better habits. But how to fucking cure this disease??? Sorry, I am feeling a bit anxious.

So what Simran did is this. She drank a lot of water, exercised, she reduced her screen time…

A dozen worlds came sprawling down on me at the same time as I looked into her eyes. And destiny looked right at me, I was to be consumed by her. I knew it, she knew it. Smoke lifted from the drains of my spirits and it all came back piece by piece, rising again stronger than ever.

The two brothers were having a casual conversation amidst the approaching clouds of the storm.

Brother 1: “So, how would you like to die?”

Brother 2: “Not by fire, that’s for sure. How about you?”

Brother 1: “In my own bed, at…

A yellow taxi pulled to my right as I was walking back from the park.

“Get in lad. We gotta go somewhere”

My uncle was in there, in his signature leather brown jacket, collars turned up, and a slight smile on his face. I got into the cab as I had no other choice.

This is a particularly early day. Say I was in 11th standard at that time.

“We have to go and pick up a few vegetables from the market. You comin’ with me.”, he asked me in a commanding voice.

“Ya ya, I will old man. You…

“The things I do for love”

I remember the time I heard these lines from the lips of Jamie Lannister, and then the shove. That was the day I decided that I hate Jamie Lannister more than anyone in the entire universe of Game of Thrones. He pushed a 8 year old boy out from the window of a high tower all the while dripping his charisma through the words “The things I do for love”.

Ohh, the things he did for love.

Bran, the broken though ended up being the lord of seven kingdoms, king of the andals and the first men and the protector of…

Sometimes I wish I was born in the times of kings. I wish I were a king. So much power, such amazing people and battle fields, each day would have been an adventure.

I wish I was not born in the time of Genghis Khan -_-.

Do you know who built the great wall of China?

Or do you know how long it is?

Or do you know what great wall of china even is?

It’s a wall, ofcourse. Streched over more than 21,000kms 😲, it is an ancient wall developed over the last thousands of years, even before the…

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Writer, programmer, thinker, human.

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