Have you ever walked on lush green and wet grass barefooted?

I don’t believe you haven’t. And if you haven’t, then I don’t want you reading my posts, alien.

Well, it's a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? When the wet tender grass strikes softly across the naked foot, the feeling is next to that of a red carpet walk.

A few years ago, I was walking along in a deer garden barefooted when I saw a guy holding a cup of water and doing some weird sort of martial arts practice sort of thing.

My instant thought was, “Who is this Ho Chi Minh guy and what the hell is he trying to do?”. And quite frankly it was a valid reaction, allow me to describe.

So, there he was, all alone, in casuals, holding a cup of glass and staring awkwardly at it, as if his girlfriend will appear from inside the cup doing some sort of belly dance.

One thing I know about myself, “I do not resist.”

Whether it's asking anything from a stranger or confessing to my crush even when I know the answer is dead no. I don’t Resist, Capital R.

But this time I waited to observe a bit. It was worth it!

It was as if he was trying to calm the water down. The water in the cup was completely disturbed, moving around and not stopping at one position.

He tried to reach his hands out and keep the cup at a distance for more stability.

And obviously, after a few minutes, his hand tired and started to hurt.

The water started to wave around even more. Poor lad.

I don’t know why, but this was a really mesmerizing scene. A middle-aged guy dressed all in casuals, standing in the middle of green lush and sweating his guts out to calm that water down.

Just drink it, you idiot!

After some time, he realized it's of no use. So, eventually, he gave a big sigh and gave up and sat down.

People fail all the time. This was a failure too, right?

But, to our surprise, something else happened.

Weirdly, the water started to calm itself down!

Waves after waves, circles after circles died out, as the water became insanely and divinely still.

And finally, after a minute or so, there it was!

The miracle of nature. Perfectly still water.

I never saw water that way in my entire life. I never observed it that way, ever.

My “Resistophobia” kicked in and finally, I snubbed in between.

“What is it that you are trying to prove???”

He turned his head towards me, pink cheeks, and perfect stretched skin, and with a little smile, he said:

“be water, my friend.”

Rajat Upadhyay

The author of this post has all the internal organs of a human, but his heart is the only one that is being insanely mischievous.

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