The weekend manifesto

  1. Watch another Akshay Kumar movie
  2. Watch how aliens created the pyramids and every other temple in India on History TV-18.
  3. Drive up to a near-by lake and stare at still water for hours. (PS: Someone to hold your hand adds extra comfort)
  4. Wake up at 1pm, eat, then go to sleep, wake up at 6pm, eat, then stay up all night, repeat on Sunday.
  5. Go to a temple and wish for something you know is never going to come true.
  6. Improve your tinder profile. (Doesn’t matter though, you won’t get something good until you buy their subscription)
  7. Go to a garden(if in Delhi, Lodhi Garden), listen to birds chirping and leaves rustling in the wind and fall into an unending abyss of your own consciousness while meditating on the auras and energies of your Kundalini. (PS: If you are in Delhi, and you are going to a garden at day time, you also need to go to a Therapist).
  8. Or you can just fight someone and take some of the heat off. Sometimes I just want to tell some people to get lost, but they just won’t give me a reason to do so.




Writer, programmer, thinker, human.

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Rajat Upadhyay

Rajat Upadhyay

Writer, programmer, thinker, human.

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