Things that make you look cool

  1. Dress well. A person well dressed gets involved in the environment like cheese on pizza. Dressing well means that you take your time to make yourself look presentable and people, in turn, feel good being around you. Nah! Don’t deny that. No one likes being around a person who dresses like a bummer. It’s a fact, a sad one maybe, depending upon who you ask.
  2. Speak well. A soft-spoken person is sweeter to the ears than the music of the greatest harp players who have ever lived.
  3. Confidence. Confidence in this list is the one most important factor that cannot be ruled out. Confidence is hard to explain and it has no rough boundaries. But it is the most important quality of a cool/charismatic person. It doesn’t mean imposing yourself on others or being self-righteous, it means having the courage to admit your mistake and at the same time believing that you are right.
  4. Being warm. If you are warm and considerate to other people standing in the circle, your personal charisma boosts automatically.
  5. Being rich. Having some “toys” doesn’t hurt. People look up to people who are better than them. A student looks up to a topper, an engineer to his boss, and an entrepreneur to his role model leader. Similarly, in society, we have mental distinctions of people based on their financial conditions. It may be deeper enrooted in some as compared to others, and thus having a good watch, driving a nice vehicle won’t hurt.
  6. Don’t make your hairstyle in a weird way, it only looks bad. A person looks best when their hair looks relatable and “normal”.
  7. Good health. A person with good health and a lean body always looks more attractive. This point has a broader scope than written. A person who looks physically attractive automatically attracts attention if confident enough.




Writer, programmer, thinker, human.

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Rajat Upadhyay

Rajat Upadhyay

Writer, programmer, thinker, human.

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