Why your life sucks?

“My life sucks”.

“I am the most unlucky person on this earth”.

“Why does it always happen to me?”.

Do such thoughts take up 99% of your headspace? It is really common among people to have self-loathing tendencies, trying to make up troubles and problems that don’t even exist.

Wait a minute! Have you been thinking that you are the only one thinking stuff like this? Come on, last time I checked over 260 million people are suffering from this disease of self-pity.

Now, in some cases, this might as well 100% be true that your life actually sucks, but does it really?

The ultimate way to live life!

So, a few days ago, when I was in one of these self-pity arenas in my mind thinking that I choose the wrong career that does not pay that well(should have been an investment banker instead), or engineers don’t even have a good repo in society maybe I won’t even find a good soulmate, or I am not even owning my own Ferrari or wardrobe closet filled with lavish outfits.

At that time, something dawned on me, furiously.

Recently, some demolishing and renovation work has been going on in my neighborhood, so, during one of my long long terrace walks🙄, I saw one of the labors working at that place.

Allow me to describe please.

Totally pitch black skin color, covered in mud with half-torn shirt and pants, probably empty stomached, working at 30 degrees of temperature tirelessly for the last maybe 2–3 hours, drinking mud-filled water, lying there with almost meek weakened eyes. I let myself give in to this realization and fall into an imagination valley.

“How much does he earn even after being so merciless about himself?”

“Do his kids even get a belly full of food? They will probably end up doing the same thing because of lack of education.

“I don't think he has more than 2–3 pairs of clothes overall.”

This might sound theatrical but the moment cannot be ignored. This middle-aged, malnourished man who has nothing in the name of inheritance is working his guts off to earn money in the number of pennies. With that small money, he is feeding his family, celebrating holidays, buying clothes, and sustaining day to day activities. He is not anxious about getting a Ferrari or worried if he will ever find a soul mate, all he cares about is a bowl of rice, that is it. One day, if he has a bowl of rice that his whole family can share, that day is a successful day, it's a wonderful day.

And here I am, drenched in the puddle of my own self-pity, thinking how will I find happiness. I have enough food to full my belly, enough clothes to tear half of them up, safe water to drink, and a nice comfy bed to sleep.

I felt instant guilt.

For worrying, and wasting my wonderful, perfect life on such stupid thoughts.

Our mind has been designed in a way to only single out the negative stuff. And that is my punishment. My own thinking is punishing me.

Still not satisfied?

Remember a long long time ago, when we had a complete lock-down due to a disease called COVID something🤨, I think you do remember. When you were sitting in your home, mid-June, having air-conditioned comfort binging Netflix and stuff, here’s what these people were doing outside in 40degrees.

My point is not to have an enormous amount of pity or respect for these people just because you have to, just don’t have pity for yourself.

Self-pity is a disrespect of the creator, it’s a disrespect of the creation and it’s a disrespect of the maintainer of life, you.

“So, be happy and grateful for what you have, for what you have is more than enough!”

Rajat Upadhyay

The author is this post has one motto — Just go for it! Who’s stopping you?



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